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Justup provides agile ways to file management.

Start organizing your files today.

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Classify all uploaded files


Organizing files is for the future use.

Except the folder tree, we also offer tag system and advanced search.

You can access any file with perfect sync across all your devices.

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Document Image Music Video

Whether it is doc, image, music, or video,

you can directly browse such files online, without downloading.

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Invite people or

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Invite friends to maintenance same files and folders,

or release files quickly by a open link.

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Bring you Data Security

and Teamwork Agility


To share and sync teamwork in the cloud,

Justup stores file securely.

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The Functions


  • File Preview
  • Tag Management
  • File & Folder Sharing
  • Link Protection
  • File Comments
  • File Activities
  • Notification
  • Desktop Sync
  • Mobile Apps


  • Team Folder
  • Admin Console
  • Member Management
  • Member File Transfer
  • Organization Management
  • Usage & Account Statistics
  • Activity Record Query
  • Enterprise Settings

Secure File Sharing

Authority Control Link Protection

Rule the Collaboration

Give collaborators different authorities like editor,uploader, and viewer.

Advanced Share Setting

File's owner can limit that who can share the file or internal sharing,preventing the other spread.
Invite Collaborator Invite Collaborator Setting Collaborating Setting focus Container Collaborating Setting on Phone

People Organizing

Members Organizations

Role-based Admin

There are "SuperAdmin,Admin,and Member" 3 layer administration roles, help to manage your organization.

Space Allocating

You can see members usage at a glance, allocating a space and single filesize limit to every member.
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Team member management

Flexible Deployment

Cloud-based On-premises download-flyerCloud-based Dowmload

Data stored on Justup Cloud.

No need maintenance. Pay as you go.

Protected Data Storage

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Distributed Storage

Distributed Storage system where users store data on more than one nodes, looking after both sides between consistency and availability.

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TLS Encryption

All data transmit via TLS protocol with encryption, help protect against masquerade, man-in-the-middle or bucket brigade attacks.

Centralized Sync

Keeping files in one cloud, it’s easier to manage and control data version, and to lower the risk of losing data.

Activities Audit

The whole organization's activities record acts as an audit trail, documenting which applications and actions your members ever did.

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Use Justup to preserve knowledge,

improving teamwork productivity.

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